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KamayTao is something that is intuitively present in every human (Tao) who is naturally born with two hands (Kamay). Although these terms are in Filipino, KamayTao philosophy is universal. For KamayTao fighting art can be learned by anybody who is serious enough to appreciate the art of civilized self-defense and maintenance of good health and positive life outlook through martial art. There is no culture-specific in KamayTao , no secrets and shrouded mysteries to keep the mind confuse. It is as simple as breathing and walking, eating when you're hungry and drinking when thirsty.

The goal then in KamayTao is simplicity in design for your urban self-defense needs. Yet, it is exactly in this simplicity where the challenge begins: For here hardwork comes to the fore. Hardwork because simplicity means working hard with consistency to develop strength and stability, powerful geometry of lines, endurance and precision.

Therefore, simplicity ist not to be equated with shortcuts and more or less thinking and doing, but in achieving more quality and exact results with less efforts.

KamayTao is never a new fighting art for there is really none in this world, rather, it is an effort to be conscious in what one is doing, it is about putting emphasis for things that work and correcting instinctive reactions and old habits that place us more in a disadvantaged position.

Hence, KamayTao Training strives for harmony and gracefulness of movements. To achieve this goal, training the mind and emotion is indispensable in KamayTao. For it is only when the mind is in peace and the heart not in trouble that one can master any self-defense situation.

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