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Urban; /ˈəːb(ə)n/ :in, relating to, or characteristic of a town or city.

Mandirigma; /mandiɾiɡˈmaʔ/: person actively engaged in battle, conflict or warfare


We are warriors. Each one of us is walking his own individual path in the beautiful everlasting battle, we call life. We believe that each one of us has an unlimited potential we have to unlock.


Each one of us is driven by a purpose to augment our surroundings and our own reality.

Each one of us has individual mandatory goals to achieve to live up to our purpose.

Each one of us has to defend ourselves and our Family.

Each one of us is working hard, training hard and fighting hard against the obstacles in life.

Each one of us believe in the true Power of our hearts and minds.


  1. Through constant training and studying, we will ascend our mental and physical abilities

  2. We prepare ourselves to endure and fight back to the challenges of life is giving us.

  3. We train to defend ourselves and our family.

  4. Wherever we are, there is peace of mind and peace in our surroundings.


We train hard and relentless. Active and passive. Together we help each other to ascend our personal being mentally, physically and spiritually. Respect, Discipline, Passion and Empathy are the key characteristics we maintain and believe in.


We believe that how we experience the world on a daily basis, is a reflection of ourselves. So a behaviour of Respect, Discipline, Passion and Empathy towards ourselves and others, are the key characteristics we believe in. First we learn it for ourselves, then we project it out to the world.


We think that the teachings of Martial arts grabs life at its core. It teaches to stay persistent, to never give up, to always improve yourself, to stand up after we fall, to defend our self, to exceed our limits, to be confident, to stay fit, to stay mentally strong and much more. You name it. Martial arts is a place where everyone is welcome to learn the principles and apply it in other parts of the beautiful everlasting battle called life.


Urban Mandirigma is an ever evolving environment of individuals who want to study martial arts or just want to achieve self development in a physical, mental, and spiritual way.

The following courses we offer at Urban Mandirigma Clan:

Kamaytao - The way of the human hand

Traditional Karate - The way of the empty hand

Tai Chi - The supreme ultimate way

Qi gong - The way of life energy cultivation

Mandirigma Workouts

Many ways but in the end, it is about creating yourself. As Bruce Lee once said: “Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless.

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