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Tension and relaxation unify.

My Legs feel like tree trunks gently submitting to the winds.

Arms are moving fast and cutting through the air with an invisible shield.

With every breath,

I feel the life energy flowing through my body and spirit,

like moving sand.

I feel the power in my movements

In this very moment,

I know i can presist

I know what i am capable of

Peace of mind is present

I sense the Tao. The way. Flowing. Connected to all.

While experiencing the way,

thoughts are non existent.

The body just moves. It has memorised all the movements on a journey of

relentless of repetitions.

There is no enemy. No friend

No good, no evil

No winning, no Losing.

No emotions,

but everything in motion

There is just simply.. Beeing

The essence of life unfolds.

Meditation in movement.

Reflections Okinawa 2018,

written by UM|SAM

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